Building products requires focus

This is a classic trap. For many startups I fell into this a couple of times. Founders study the market. It’s usually filled with solutions. Many solutions. Same or similar problem. There is overlap, but nothing does it alone. Or hardly anyone seems to be. Grand strategy is unveiled. Be the one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, it’s a […]

Welcome to Firestarter for Intrapreneurs

What’s cooler? Being an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur? Both require ideas and execution. Both require initiative and creativity. Founders may have to do more with less. Intrapreneurs may have more. But they also need to manage a lot more. And still find ways to do it all. We certainly had the opportunity to meet and […]

How much of the story is the grind?

Storytelling is a wonderful thing. But sometimes it can be a bad thing. Stories of product success. Stories of startup success. These come with an extra dose of “special effects”. Unfortunately, such stories can be misleading. And sometimes, misdirect those who are building. Usually what’s missing from these stories is the grind. Just like Bollywood […]

Never judge a (product) book by its cover

Lot of great books on product thinking and product management continue to come out of the US, especially Silicon Valley. They paint a picture of highly evolved product teams and companies. Capabilities and intent are high and it’s easy to get inspired by the world described in them. Unfortunately for people building products in evolving […]

Making standard PMs turn super

To build great products you need a capable team, product thinking and excellent product managers. Product Manager is now one of the hottest jobs in tech with starting salaries over 10L p.a. More experienced employees are making on average 20-30L. People in product leadership roles can make over 50L or even over 1cr in some […]