Giving your product the edge

10 out of 10 tech CEOs and startup founders say this.

When asked what do they want to achieve.

They want to grow.

They want more customers.

They want more revenue.

If you ask what will it take to achieve that?

8 out of 10 will say:

Better GTM. More leads. More sales people.

If you are in a commoditized market.

Then it could actually be true.

For most, if not all, in the tech market.

One of the easily overlooked aspects is this.

It’s Product.

It’s innovation.

It’s differentiation.

It’s how you solve customer problems 5x better than other products.

10x better than the status quo.

This is certainly true for those that are pre-PMF or product market fit.

It does not stop being true even for those with PMF.

There is always competition.

Especially in markets that are established.

Building better and innovating.

That will always be the edge.

Off course you will need better GTM, more leads, more sales.

But all of that won’t matter, if you don’t have a better product.