Key Skills for PMs | Devayani Purohit, Product Consultant

Learn more from our Product Consultant, Devayani Purohit, as she deep dives into the key skills product managers need in order to succeed.

The ins and outs of product marketing

Learn what product marketing is and why it’s so important when building products from SaaS marketing expert Diptarup Chakraborti in conversation with our founder, Kaustubh Patekar

Introduction to Nish Gosalia | Firestarter Cohort 3

Learn more about Nish Gosalia, Co-Founder of Mavent Tech and part of our Firestarter Cohort 3. Mavent Tech is an event technology platform that specializes in exhibitions and conferences and offers lead generation for exhibitors, meeting bookings, digital business card exchange, sharing of product brochures, and a whole more!

Aparna Sridhar – Firestarter Program Implementation

Learn more about how our Firestarter Program for Startups helped Aparna Sridhar, Founder, Financial Literacy Campaign and how she has put it into practice in her business.

Product-led Growth vs. Sales-led Growth

Want to know the difference between product-led growth and sales-led growth and when to consider one or the other? Find out more with our handy tips.

Puneet Badrinath – Firestarter Program Implementation

Find out more from Puneet Badrinath, Fonder, Fabrik, as he discusses how our Firestarter Program for Startups helped him along his product journey and how he has implemented what he learned.

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