Firestarter Product Mktg and GTM module.

Learn more about our GTM expert – Bhavish Sood talking with Kaustubh Patekar – why startups should not ignore product marketing and GTM strategy.

Kickstarting US GTM with a few dollars

Learn more about how our Firestarter Program for Startups benefitted Lavitha Vaz, Founder, PariPosha, along her product journey and how she has put it into practice in her business.

US GTM Strategy

Looking to explore a sound GTM strategy for the US? Learn the ins and outs of making your way with these handy tips.

Introduction to Bhavish Sood

Learn more about Bhavish Sood our product marketing and GTM expert.

GTM Strategy – Startup Mistakes

Learn from our industry expert, Bhavish Sood, on the top mistakes that startups make when it comes to GTM Strategy

GTM Strategy – Startup Challenges

Learn from our industry expert, Bhavish Sood, on the most common challenges faced by startups when adopting a GTM strategy

Firestarter – GTM Strategy module

Our industry expert, Bhavish Sood, discusses what startups can expect from the GTM strategy module of our Firestarter program

Bhavish Sood, Product GTM Expert

Learn more about Bhavish Sood, our industry and product expert as he explains some of the challenges and mistakes startups make when formulating a sound GTM strategy.

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