Firestarter Product Mktg and GTM module.

Learn more about our GTM expert – Bhavish Sood talking with Kaustubh Patekar – why startups should not ignore product marketing and GTM strategy.

Introduction to Deep Tech Club

Nasscom Deep Tech Club is built with the intention of building the worlds best deep tech product ecosystem.

Firestarter for Startups

The ProdZen has launched a program for startups who want to get to PMF efficiently. Learn more about it here.

Sales enablement and Sales Strategy for Startups

Sales trainer, coach and leader – Ravindra Chandrashekara discusses the importance of sales for startups and his session as part of Firestarter program by The ProdZen

Firestarter in 36 seconds

Are you a B2B startup founder? Find out how Firestarter can help you get to PMF and scale.

Meet Firestarter Navin Thangiah of MobileOffize

MobileOffize was founded by Navin Thangiah and Sharath Chandra and is dedicated to simplifying the life of small and medium enterprises across all aspect of their business with a mobile first approach. Both of them have founded and worked in multiple startups.

Bhavish Sood on Product Marketing for Startups in conversation with Kaustubh Patekar of The ProdZen

What is Product Marketing? What can startups do? What is the gold standard or North star metric to measure effectiveness of product marketing?

Product Leadership Training and Coachin

What does it take to be a successful product leader? The ProdZen provides training and coaching to help you become a better leader.

Helping Founders realize their dream

How we work with founders and help them live up to their potential.

Lavitha Vaz – The Firestarter Program

Lavitha Vaz, Founder, PariPosha, discusses her thoughts on completing the The Firestarter Program

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