Key skills for product leaders

Leadership is the art of inspiring employees to strive towards a common goal. The process of influencing their attitude, conduct, and cognition of others is just as important as leading a group of people or an organization. Product leadership is the process of managing the organization’s product initiatives. A product leader is someone who empowers […]

Challenges of product leadership

Product leadership creates a product-led strategy that prioritizes and helps the product align with the organization’s mission and vision. Successful product teams are developed by leaders in product-inspired cultures. This involves several management-level duties, such as putting together and leading the product team, owning the strategic goals, and ensuring the team has access to the […]

Customers want value from your product

Customers don’t want your product. Customers don’t care much about your product features. Customers don’t want to spend money on something they don’t want. Then why are so many products being bought and product businesses growing? Well, above statements have more to it then appears. Customers are interested in themselves, their personal life, their work […]

Learn to be a product manager – A beginner’s guide

Product management is one of the most lucrative professions and is growing rapidly as is the demand for product managers. In fact, product management is expected to reach USD 31.84 billion by 2025. In this article, we will try to explain what product management is. Is it just the process of delivering a product? What […]

Your product needs clear direction

“Founders must be jack of all trades” “In a startup everyone must do everything” Usually true – if you are just getting started. But follow this for too long and it can be really dangerous. Many #startups and early stage products fall in the trap of having one person decide everything. It may work for […]

What’s the best way to test when hiring new PMs?

Most companies hiring #productmanagers have realized this by now, But it is hard to figure out during the interviews. You need someone with strong research, communication, problem-solving and prioritization skills, Domain knowledge and tech can be taught faster than some of these above, arguably. Ability to empathise with users is another important one. Haven’t found […]

Product management is a team sport

I got a lot of things wrong when I became a #productmanager. I was asked to take over a product that was rapidly declining in revenues and relevance. Before that I was an engineering manager who had done well. Like many who are promoted rapidly in a fast growing organization. I was aggressive, sometimes arrogant […]