What’s the best way to test when hiring new PMs?

Most companies hiring #productmanagers have realized this by now,

But it is hard to figure out during the interviews.

You need someone with strong research, communication, problem-solving and prioritization skills,

Domain knowledge and tech can be taught faster than some of these above, arguably.

Ability to empathise with users is another important one.

Haven’t found a test for that yet. Ideas?

But how do you test for these skills in a short interview process?

Here is something we have used with good success ratio.

It’s not perfect, but we found some very capable junior hires with this

  1. Ask for a written assignment – could be your favorite product, or review of a product they use (not a clinical teardown)
  2. Do a video call (or in person) to understand their ability communicate and present themselves
  3. Give problem solving exercises – simple and hard ones:

– simple ones show whether people can take the solution to completion without errors

– hard ones shows the way people react when faced with tough tasks

  1. Situation problems

– give a situation that is tough or unsolvable

– see how people navigate that

– find shortcuts, ask questions, get creative

Here is one of my situation favorites

– You have 4 assignments to complete

– Each assignment takes 15 hours to complete

– You have 48 hours to do the work

– You can’t cheat, copy, get an extension

– Additional info is available, but you must ask questions

How do you test for #productmanagement skills in new or junior PM hires?