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Property is something that we can claim on, which we own, which we have created or purchased. A property like a house, car, jewelry, etc., can be claimed but do we claim something intangible like assets, which are not physical in nature? How do we claim one’s work in terms of design, codes, poetry, art, books, etc.? For that we have the concept of Intellectual Property.

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property (IP) is a term for assets that are intangible or not physical in nature. IP refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, brand names, etc. Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are for protecting valuable intellectual assets of a company. Though the protection of intellectual assets is important, companies can also use them to generate new revenue streams. IT services companies have a lot of intangible assets, which can add value to clients and IP can help a company provide faster and more cost effective solutions.
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What is Accelerate with IP?

So how does a company use IP to create value for clients? Accelerate with IP is a concept where companies can utilize intellectual property in the form of platforms and products such as templates, sets of code in various languages, software, raw dashboards, web/mobile applications etc.
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Who is it for?

Accelerate with IP concept is for IT services companies. IT services companies can utilize intellectual property and create products and platforms, which can be later customized according to a client’s requirements. Accelerating with IP is an appropriate path if a services company wants to expand on intellectual capital to generate new revenue streams.
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Why should you consider it?

If one or more of the answers are “yes” then you should consider it. There are a lot of benefits in doing so.

Benefits of Accelerating with IP

IT services companies can face a lot of competition and your goal must always be to provide greater value and gain the competitive advantage. Other benefits include:
We can help you get those benefits!

How can we help?

The Prodzen helps in identifying various intellectual assets of a company and how best they can be utilized for further development and designing of various products to provide services. We also help in building various intellectual properties, which can add direct value to clients. We can help guide the way to generate new revenue streams using intellectual property by following a 5-step process to make your company grow by accelerating with IP.

Let’s look at examples of how companies have been able to succeed with IP!

What companies are accelerating with IP? What have they gained?

Indian firms like Wipro, TCS have created intellectual property (IP) assets.

Focusing on one such success story, TCS uses its intellectual capital and human capital to build impactful, customized technology and business solutions that address their customers’ business problems. These solutions bring in high quality revenues, powering industry-leading organic growth and margins, boosting the company’s financial capital.

TCS says its platforms and products business is worth about $3 billion! This is a huge amount of revenue being generated by products and platforms. Any small or medium IT services company can do the same. We can help make your company accelerate with IP. Hear what a few of our clients have had to say.

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Intellectual property building and utilizing is one of the important parts for the IT services companies as it is generating a new revenue stream and help the company win competitive advantage. See how we can help with the 5 steps process to make your company accelerate with IP.

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