Let’s Accelerate!


Have you read this recent article? “TCS says its platforms and products business is worth about $3 billion.”

Being a services company, it seems a bit out of its core area but TCS is generating a considerable amount of revenue from intellectual capital.

Did you know TCS is among the largest IT services providers globally with a market share of 1.6%? So:

– Why are they investing in intellectual capital?

– How are they using human and intellectual capital to generate completely new revenue streams?

– How are they making money from products and platforms?

Well, TCS uses its intellectual capital and human capital to build impactful, customized technology and business solutions that address customers’ business problems. These solutions bring in high quality revenue, power industry-led organic growth and margins, thus, boosting the company’s financial capital.

Any small or large IT service company can do the same by using intellectual and human capital.

The success of TCS products and platforms highlight the importance of intellectual property for IT service companies. However, this requires guidance and defining the right path to make the most out of IP.

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