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From inculcating agile practices and design thinking, to creating roadmaps, personas and user stories, our product leadership training will help aspirants become better product managers.

Using modern methods we encourage PMs to continuously innovate and learn how to build and nurture high performing teams.


What skills will you develop?

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We have worked with a diverse set of businesses, from product companies, startups, IT services organizations, GCCs and IDCs. We have also helped build product management practices and centers of excellence for products.


The course outline offers many components and provides an overview of these topics. There are several additional modules in our Advanced Training program as well as customized modules for groups and teams.

We also offer training opportunities and enabling IT services companies make the shift to building products, accelerators and IP enabled services. More information on what we offer can be found here.

Topic Content
Product Thinking: Developing a product mindset What is product thinking? Product mindset vs Services Mindset, Product Thinking vs Project Thinking. Dos and don’ts
Product Management Essentials  
What is product management and what does a PM do? Role and responsibilities. Skills required.
Defining your product strategy Going from business drivers to defining a product vision, strategy and goals
Building a product roadmap and maintain a backlog What is roadmap? Why do you need it? Creating a framework for prioritization and maintaining and managing scope
Building a business case Gathering information on problem, market need and estimating the size and opportunity. Building a compelling business case
Product Discovery, validation and hypothesis testing with prototypes What is product discovery? How do you validate? Reducing risks by defining experiments to validate. Testing with use of prototypes
Product Metrics Defining and measuring product success. From overall product metrics to usage metrics and feedback metrics. How do you know whether your product is working, growing, loved if you don’t measure it.
Design Thinking:  Building products that meet user needs  
Design Thinking Overview What is design thinking? Terms – UCD, Usability and more.
Defining User Personas What are user personas, why do you need these? Defining use personas for a product that is loved by users
Defining Use cases and scenarios What are use cases and scenarios? Defining rich use cases and scenarios for clear product definition

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