Making standard PMs turn super


To build great products you need a capable team, product thinking and excellent product managers.

Product Manager is now one of the hottest jobs in tech with starting salaries over 10L p.a.

More experienced employees are making on average 20-30L.

People in product leadership roles can make over 50L or even over 1cr in some cases.

In spite of this being a high demand opportunity the supply is yet to catch up.

Training courses and certifications are coming up all the time.

Unfortunately, training alone doesn’t turn people into product managers – and rarely into excellent product managers.

A lot of it requires experiential learning.

(Just a fancy term for – learning by doing) 🙂

More importantly, to improve after getting a start, you need to learn continuously.

Start off with the hard skills – tech, domain, design, user stories, market analysis…

Move on to the soft skills – team building, leading with context, negotiating, presenting…

Curiosity, creativity and soft skills can take you to the higher levels.

With this in mind we are launching a program to help get PMs from standard to super.

From good to great…

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If you are just starting out, there is something for you too.