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When people share the same interests, communities are born. With this thought in mind, The ProdZen has created ProdCom – a Product Management Community for like-minded individuals and businesses. We invite you to express your interest and be a part of a community that discusses and works around product management. The ProdCom will provide you with an opportunity to develop an interest in product management.

We are always concerned about takeaways in order to be a part of any community as these factors make us the constant part of it. So let’s talk about it!

Why we are building this community?

The ProdCom aims to educate people about product management in order to make better decisions. Whatever stage of your career you need to know if product management is great fit for you. How do you start a career in product management? How do you pursue it? Are you a good fit for product management? It is important to get these questions answered. This community is built on educating people about product management, in order to clear the confusion, fill a market gap and provide a mutually beneficial and collective network.

Who is this community for?

The ProdCom focuses on those in the early stages of their careers who have an interest in product management as well as those who are willing to develop such an interest if provided with the right opportunities.

What will The ProdCom do?

The ProdCom will help people understand product management and related concepts and themes surround it. It will solve queries and doubts that will come up during any product management journey. Along with Q&A sessions, The ProdCom will ensure people learn and gain knowledge.

Why should you join?

Sometimes we get stuck and do not know where to start or how to continue. At such points, the community can help by providing suggestions and observations. Opinions matter when you’re in the same field and The ProdCom will help provide guidance. Along with this, material support in the form of guides, books, articles will also be shared.

What will you gain by being a part of this community?

If you have an interest in products, you would want accurate knowledge. The ProdCom provides knowledge about product management and the opportunity to discuss with like-minded people and solve the queries during the product journey. A community can also help in more ways than just getting the knowledge. Gaining knowledge and implementing it is a very different thing and this community helps in implementing it. This help can be by finding undiscovered areas of product management and ways of applying them in real scenarios. It also provides a like-minded and collective network.

A collective benefited network

By being a part of such a community you are building a network that helps make you grow and learn from each other. People bring possible opportunities while networks provide more concrete opportunities.

Sample events by the community

Communications to answer questions and discussions of all things product related.

Sign up and clear your confusion!

We see a lot of confusion around product management. Do you have doubts you would like to get clarified by product management experts?