If software is eating the world, what should IT service providers do?

Intense Work

About 10 years ago, Marc Andreessen declared that “Software is eating the world.”

As co-founder of Netscape (one of the world’s first Internet browsers) and a successful investor (Facebook, Groupon, Twitter), he probably knows a lot about this.

The IT services business is undergoing a huge shift not just because of the drive for digital transformation.

This shift is being driven by a fast changing world and providing customers with what they want:

– Solutions to business problems; NOT just people and technology

– Strategic partners; NOT just vendors that provide tools and resources

– Faster time to value; NOT months and years with delays in implementation

Building IP based solutions and platforms can help providers evolve.

So what can IP based solutions do for IT services providers?

– Build differentiation and increase competitive advantage

– Create new revenue streams

– Help acquire new logos and business

– Increase stickiness with existing customers

Isn’t it time you leveraged the IP advantage?