Work hard or smart?

If you read what lot of business gurus and self-help gurus say you will be confused.

I sure was.

On the one hand people say that you have to work hard

-99% perspiration 1% inspiration

-Harder I work luckier I get

-And more of such “wisdom”

On the other hand you will hear:

-Work smarter not harder

-80/20 rule

-And some more positive psychology and “attract good things”

What really works?

In practice, I have realized, its neither this nor that.

I have had to work smarter and harder – both.

It helps to keep a positive mindset and projection, so that you are not easily disheartened, but success and achievement are not guaranteed.

What has almost always helped is being relentless.

Whether in tough situations at home or at work.

Trying, trying and then some more trying until you get some hint of success.

Even when there are setbacks, absorb the failure, feel bad for some time and then get up and push again…

What do you think? What rules or principles do you follow?

At home, at work?