Customers want value from your product

Customers don’t want your product.

Customers don’t care much about your product features.

Customers don’t want to spend money on something they don’t want.

Then why are so many products being bought and product businesses growing?

Well, above statements have more to it then appears.

Customers are interested in themselves, their personal life, their work life and their business.

They also don’t want to be cheated, fined, look like they are behind the times, or be bogged down by tedious tasks, waste their time doing something which they can get someone else to do and so on….

Customers want value.

Customers want benefits of your product.

They want convenience.

They want status.

They want to have more time for the things they want to do.

They want to make more money for themselves.

They want their business to grow.

Mapping the value your products create for customers to things customers actually want or need is important.

Fancier term for that is:

Articulation of value and benefits

This must be done from the customer’s point of view.

It should clearly state what the customer can achieve or.

Which of their wants and needs can be met with your product?

The problem or need you are addressing will influence how much customer is willing to pay.

If you are solving a routine, tedious problem – you will be paid like a convenience/productivity tool.

If you are going to make them smarter, help them make more money than they might be willing to pay more.

If you can quantify the value you can create then it could be easier for customers to decide…

Of course you may have to back it up with evidence, proof or testimonials.

Don’t talk about your product.

Talk about what you can do for your customer.

Don’t talk about your product features.

Talk about what benefits they can get.

Don’t talk about how cool, innovative, tech jargon.

Talk about a numerical value you can deliver for them.