How product teams and marketing teams are using competitor analysis

The purpose of competitor analysis is to get better at winning in the market. The way you do it is to gather as much information as can be attained about what competitors are doing. The next step in going about it is to conduct a thorough analysis. This will help you evaluate the gaps and […]

The Art of B2B Pricing: Aligning Price with Value in a Competitive Landscape

Many #startup and new products usually claim to be “disruptive” There is one thing you want to avoid (or be cautious of) disrupting Even if you are a far better product   That is your pricing model   This is especially true for #b2b from my own experience in working with over 50 clients Here […]

The Human Touch in a Tech-Driven World: Why Product Fundamentals Never Go Out of Style

It has become fashionable to talk about how the world has changed Especially after #AI and more importantly the arrival of #LLMs Some people are already talking about replacing developers, QA .. And maybe event #productmanagers Of course, there is hype and jobs are changing or evolving But there are a few things that remain […]

Compete Wiser, Not Harder: The Power of Account, Competitor, and Buyer Intelligence

This picture is not uncommon in #b2b When you are trying to win a decent size enterprise or mid market deal You have put your best foot forward, killer demo, connect with executives Yet deal is dragging, there seems to be something missing, but you can’t tell what?   Sales is eventually responsible But can […]

Product Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Many “experts” are claiming that #product differentiation is dead Your competition can build the same capability quickly So you should focus on #gotomarket and distribution I disagree with these experts   Maybe there is some truth to it if you are building an app that is commodity If your software is effectively like soap/shampoo/chips – […]

Unlocking Hidden Potential: The Power of Looking Inward for Growth Strategies

Over a decade ago I was working at a very large software company Our team’s objective was to help a $2B+ product portfolio grow in double digits (>10%) Market growth was in high single and this portfolio was growing in low single (~3%)   We started off with product comparison Competitors were a shade better […]

7 Must-have hard skills for Product Managers

From the time #productmanager has a become a hot job Training factories have started offering various courses Even MBA colleges have started offering #productmanagement certifications These last from 4 weeks to as long as part time over 6 months Most of these do no cover the basics even of hard skills that a PM must […]

5 questions to ask before choosing product management training

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Do you know who said that? When people say you can learn product management by reading books and watching videos…I am amused.. You can get entertained, maybe informed, but learning and absorbing is not assured. That is my experience […]