The Human Touch in a Tech-Driven World: Why Product Fundamentals Never Go Out of Style

It has become fashionable to talk about how the world has changed

Especially after #AI and more importantly the arrival of #LLMs

Some people are already talking about replacing developers, QA ..

And maybe event #productmanagers

Of course, there is hype and jobs are changing or evolving

But there are a few things that remain constant for anyone looking to build a product business


  1. People pay for value

Every product (whether or not it has ABC tech) needs to solve a problem

To win market share it must a problem that was not solve before or solve a problem 10X better if it was already solved.


  1. Nothing replaces talking to and observing people

Every product will be used, touched by people or improve their lives in some way. Talking to such people is a key part of understanding the problems, inconveniences and other pain points.


  1. What people look for in terms of benefits broadly remains the same

– make money

– save money or reduce cost

– save time

– improve quality of life – make people happier

– make something easier to do

– and so on….

(Note that none of this is specific to tech used)


  1. Listening is not the same as hearing

Often we go around asking questions and rely on that decided what to build. However that is inadequate. People are often able to state certain needs clearly, but not with everything. Understanding hidden and unmet needs remains the biggest challenge and opportunity.


What do you think has changed?

What has not?

Will AI take over the human race? 😉