Building products requires focus


This is a classic trap.

For many startups

I fell into this a couple of times.

Founders study the market.

It’s usually filled with solutions.

Many solutions.

Same or similar problem.

There is overlap, but nothing does it alone.

Or hardly anyone seems to be.

Grand strategy is unveiled.

Be the one-stop-shop.

Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea.

More often than not.

It’s very difficult to build.

Most will lack the resources

Even if you can build..

It may not be better than what’s out there.

Not just 20% better.

You need 5x better, maybe 10x.

If you are a startup

Or you are entering a new market.

Maintain FOCUS above all.

Pick a niche.

Build something way better.

That will increase your chances.

Of winning, at least a few customers.

And then refine, keep at it.

Focus better than one-stop-shop.

Aim for 10x better, not 50%.