Welcome to Firestarter for Intrapreneurs

What’s cooler?

Being an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur?

Both require ideas and execution.

Both require initiative and creativity.

Founders may have to do more with less.

Intrapreneurs may have more.

But they also need to manage a lot more.

And still find ways to do it all.

We certainly had the opportunity to meet and work with some cool entrepreneurs as part of our Firestarter program for Startups.

It was and is built for startups.

For founders. For entrepreneurs.

We did end up with some happy founders.

Then we had some of the mature companies look at the program.

They liked it too.

For people building products and services.

As part of the larger company.

Today we are launching a new edition of the Firestarter program.

Firestarter for Intrapreneurs.

Working with creative and motivated people.

Those who want to build something new.

Innovative, interesting.

Maybe create some new solutions, IP…

Build and scale.

Make use of the resources that mature businesses have.

But still have all the creative energy.

Some of the modules are the same.

Some are new and some will be tailored.

Are you a builder of new products/services or revenue streams?

Then this could be for you.

Interested? Do fill the form.