Zen and the grueling art of product building
The ProdZen Insights | Vol. VII | June 2021

Do you remember Kill Bill Vol. 2?  It’s the second installment of Tarantino’s “neo Western” martial arts film from 2004.  In it, The Bride, played by Uma Thurman, seeks revenge on a deadly gang (the boss being her former lover), who tried to kill her and her unborn child.

To defeat them she has to bring together all the experience, skills and techniques she has learnt earlier under the hard and grueling tutelage of Pai Mei, a legendary Kung Fu master. From breaking wooden boards with her bare hands to climbing up and down a hill carrying buckets, her training is extremely demanding. But she manages to put it into practice and finally defeat the gang.

Product building is like this. It requires overcoming pain, perseverance and a mammoth effort in continuing despite frequent setbacks.

It also requires channeling your thoughts to a single point of imagination, a Zen state.  This needs concentration, vision, aim, peace of mind and a goal-oriented thought process. 

Our name, “ProdZen”, underlines focus, a single -point of aim and channelizes thoughts and strategies towards a product by helping to clear the mind. 

We believe that this channelizing of thoughts towards a single goal can help build, market, and scale great products. 

For product builders and founders, the challenges are many and regular, just like what Uma Thurman went through. But by following the training, keeping at it and not giving up, you – like her – can overcome the odds and deliver great products.

Along this journey, we can be your Pai Mei. But don’t worry, we won’t be as severe!

Best wishes,

We are delighted to partner with Modulor Capital and support their portfolio companies chart a clear course across their product management journeys.

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