Your product needs focus

Well, even if you are not like Bruce Lee,

Your #startup should be

That is the only way to escape early stage “death valley”

And more importantly get past that into early stage growth and beyond.

If you lookup “startup” failure on the web or even on LLMs,

You will find the usual surveys on why #startups fail.

They are all good and based on data,

But sometimes they don’t talk about what goes in or what gives…

Very early stage startups most often fail because…

They build something nobody wants or at least nobody wants to pay for.

Whether cash or time or…

If you build something people want,

Then the most important thing is to zero in on the following:

– the right geography or market to target

– the right customer segment or ICP to target

– the right positioning that works for the above

– the right use of the limited resources you have

In essence – FOCUS

Many companies and teams are taken in by what is trending

What talking heads (read influencers) on social media are saying…

Sometimes these things add value, but more often than not

These are a source of distraction

If you do change because of industry trends,

It should be because that is what customers want and can benefit from.

Even if you have ideas for 10 cool features, or 10 cool ways to use new tech.

Don’t lose your focus.

Say no to almost everything that falls out of line.

If you do change, let that be justified by creating additional value for your customers

And NOT just because of a trend