Why security is critical to product building

Security breaches and data theft headlines dominate global news every few days.

The worldwide cost of this to business is estimated in USD trillions.

Same holds true for India.

In recent times, many large scale data breaches occurred.

In some cases companies discovered the theft only after customer data was put up for sale on the dark web.

Air India Limited – personal data of 4.5 million passengers

Domino’s – 1 million credit card records and 180 million pizza preferences

bigbasket.com – 20 million user accounts were affected

Unacademy – 22 million user accounts were affected

These are some of the big ones.

Many small ones did not make the news.

Ransomware and other attacks effectively shut operations of many small and medium businesses.

However, information security and overall cyber security remain elusive.

In part because most people find the technical concepts difficult to follow and there is always something new coming up.

Investing in security also adds to the cost of building a product.

More importantly, people building products need to think of it as a mandatory discipline and make it part of how they build.

We are working to simplify security in product building for product managers, founders and more.

We are building a guide that is a manual, a tool for product teams on how they can include the security practices and areas they must address.

More importantly, we have worked hard to simplify, eliminate and explain the technical complexity inherent in this topic.

Do you pay less attention to security because it’s hard? Or too expensive?