Why NFRs matter
The ProdZen Insights | Vol. VIII | July 2021

Product building and selling is often about building capabilities, feature and function. It’s easy to overlook the “lities” or system qualities.

Another term for that is NFRs or Non Functional Requirements.

Are you implementing non functional requirements in your product building?

If not, you could be in trouble. And it can get worse, leading to product failure, legal complications, loss of customer confidence or more…

NFR focuses on the quality and operational issues of your product and answers questions like, “How secure is your system?” and “How fast is your system?”

It defines the product’s quality, user experience, and ease of operations.

Product managers must pay as much attention to NFRs as functional requirements.

Doing so at the outset can save valuable time, reduce costs and provide the competitive advantage. Often this is hard to do because it requires some understanding of system engineering and the underlying technology architecture.

With this in mind, we’ve created a detailed and handy guide to help businesses implement NFR into their products.

What’s great is you don’t need a lot of technical expertise to understand it. Each and every concept is explained in simple English with examples and case studies of what to apply when.

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Happy building and scaling.

Founder, The ProdZen

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