What’s your GTM channel of choice?

One of the key choices to make for any #b2B SaaS product to grow is the choice of GTM channel.

The choices can be different based on your target segment in terms of geography and size of company, but this but this is a good rule of thumb to follow:

– High volume, low touch – email, social media, website, self-service try and buy – up to $10K a year

– Medium volume, medium touch – insides sales (phone/video conference) and demos – $10K to $50K a year

– Low volume, high touch – inside sales for lead gen and person to person (F2F pre and post Covid) sales > $50K

As with any rules, there are exceptions:

– Early stage products and startups will need to take an approach of going with one level higher of contact

– If you are doing business in tech mature economies like US and parts of EU, you may be able to revise the deal size higher (multiply by 2)

– If you are doing business in new or frugal geos you may have to go one level higher of contact for these price points

What channels do you use? What is your experience?

Any additional exceptions?