What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for “syzygy”?

No, it is not a made up word

In scientific terms or Astronomy

It means alignment of 3 or more celestial bodies

In common language “when the stars are aligned”

Whether at work or in personal life

We are often waiting for something

Something to happen

Something to complete

Something to go our way

People often say I will be happy when

I get a promotion

Buy a bigger house/car

Find a partner

Be loved by family

Grow my business to $xyz

At work they say

I will start a new project, perform better

When I have no distractions

When I hire a team member

When I finish this training

When the trends change

Yes, stars do align

But it happens so rarely

That if we keep waiting for it

We are losing out on life

On happiness

On whatever it is we enjoy

Whether it’s personal, fun or work

I learnt this over time

When the realization struck

It was a relief

It’s still easy to get caught up in waiting

I still do that sometimes

Are you doing the things you want?

Things you enjoy?

Things you want to accomplish?

Get started…

Or keep waiting for “syzygy”