To Build Products you first need to Think Products
The ProdZen Insights | Vol. XII | November 2021

Do you agree that the world is changing faster than ever before? Has the pandemic made your organization realize the need for change?

Most of us are responding by focusing on digital transformation endeavors and helping our teams learn new skills. It is clear that those that change and evolve first are more likely to respond to these changes better.

You may have heard of design thinking and how it can aid in creative problem solving. Product thinking is an approach to problem solving and building solutions that are robust and relevant.

It is certainly a useful skill for those building products, but it can also be very effective when providing services or creating solutions to use within a company.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what product thinking is all about and as usual, please share your comments and feedback here.

Happy building and scaling.

Founder, The ProdZen

Want to know about the ins and outs of Product Thinking and why it is so important for startups and businesses – before and during their product journey? Watch this short video excerpt from our Founder, Kaustubh Patekar.
Training Product Managers and Leaders

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