This one skill can make or break your career as a product manager

When I started as a PM, executives would doze off or ignore my points during monthly updates.

Not only did I appear to be fumbling in my new role, but also I was doing a disservice to my team that was toiling away and building something great. In one on one interactions I did fine. I could make well crafted and logical arguments. Years of training as an engineer helped.

What was the problem?

In a monotone I would go through the slides and spreadsheets. Glossing over achievements and presenting my analysis of things not working and then asking for help.
No energy, no connect, no emotion, poor delivery.

⚡️It struck me that nobody wanted to pay attention to what I had to say. Started hating my job.

Wallowed in self pity for a few days.

Got sick of that and started looking for a book.
Found this gem by Carmine Gallo – 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators.
Read. Practiced. Re-read. Mirror.

Come next update I was nervous.
Stood up, smiled, projected my voice, energy, moved…

People smiled and engaged.

Reading, practicing and improving ever since..

Presentation skills will make or break your career as a product manager!