The unsung heroes

Sensationalism sells.

Making gods out of #founders sells.

Showing how #visionaries are changing the world sells.

We all have a need to believe in #heroes.

And by nature, our heroes need to be larger than life.

Well at least in the stories.

Some of you may have seen the collage of Forbes covers.

One that calls out several people who were once “visionaries”.

Only to be later exposed as frauds, criminals or plain incompetent.

If you buy into what you read, hear, watch in media or social media.

You will be inclined to believe the stories of larger than life heroes.

Billionaires, teenagers changing the world, companies changing the industry.

More often than not.

These are more hype than reality.

Real change is never done by one individual or one company.

It takes time, it takes hard work, grunt work and lot of people.

It takes failures and successes.

Not big ones – those that get media attention.

But many, many small ones – those that have NO media coverage.

And it takes a lot of heroes.

Not those who are larger than life.

But mostly unsung ones.

People like you and me…