The secret sauce to building great products

Do you ever wonder why some products are great while others just average? Not an easy question to answer, right? Building great products requires both science and art.

The science is the nuts and bolts: market research, knowing your customers, solving a problem, data driven insights, and more.

There’s also the art, the intangible, which can take many forms. This could simply be timing: creating something in the right place at the right time (but also having that gut feeling of when to do so), taking pride in the product (making it ‘yours’), building an emotional connect with customers (even b2b is about humans), and adding ‘value’ i.e. how does your product improve your customers’ lives? How does it reshape this segment? How does it positively enhance their perceptions?

Both science and art have to be in sync. It’s no good focusing on one without the other. If you don’t do the hard work of research, data crunching, persona building, targeting, and providing a favorable product ‘experience’ the art is useless. With experience, founders and managers often instinctively know what could work or not. But this only comes with multiple failures. If you think successful product or brands were conceived overnight, think again.  

Happy building and scaling.

Founder, The ProdZen

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