The keys to successful product marketing
The ProdZen Insights | Vol. VI | May 2021

In the future, will marketing alone drive buying decisions? And will product differentiation not depend on features? Maybe or maybe not, but product marketing will certainly help generate more leads, if you do it right.

I am excited to welcome Diptarup Chakraborti, SaaS Marketing Leader and Product Marketing expert. He has previously worked as CMO with some of the fastest growing companies, including a well-known unicorn and has years of valuable experience within this space. With him on-board our product marketing and GTM expertise is now further strengthened.

I hope you find this issue helpful. As always, do share your comments, feedback as well as any topics you would like to see covered.

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The future of product marketing
Product marketing, especially in B2B SaaS companies, has become one of the hottest and most in-demand skills in the market today; but if you ask five people to define what it is you will get five different definitions, with each being right in its own way. For some, product marketing is demand generation, while for others it could be content creation and sales enablement. What this reflects is that product marketing is broad in scope and difficult, if not impossible, to fully encapsulate.

It is very likely that demand generation, or what is called growth marketing today, will shift to the revenue generation function; in other words, to the CRO, whereas product marketing will continue to remain a part of the marketing function. 

As it becomes increasingly difficult to have product feature-based differentiations, product marketers will have to play a more significant role by creating differentiated messaging and positioning and by adopting creative storytelling techniques. 

Further, product marketing will take over the role of brand marketing as well since product success has a direct bearing on the brand of the organization. Also, product marketing will increasingly use AI and analytics to anticipate market demands and create messages to meet that demand even if product features are not yet ready for them.

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