The importance of continuous learning

Do you believe that college is useless?

That expertise is of no value?

That experience is just for old people…

Experts, thought leaders and social media teachers are exploding.

It’s a common misconception that anything you want to learn, you can learn on YouTube.

Tell me the names of people who have built a rocket by watching videos.

Done breakthrough scientific research without going to university…

Fix a small appliance problem; try a new recipe… certainly.

Well packaged, well presented and nicely edited content does not make it useful or true.

Information is exploding.

It is harder to tell what is right and what is not.

Who should you learn from?

What are the right sources?

Is watching videos and reading books enough?

I have always been fascinated by learning.

Learning new things.

Over time I have learnt to code, build products…

I also learnt to cook, do small maintenance around the house…

Read a lot on business, psychology, finance..

How does the mind work, how do people operate, what goes on in our brains…

True learning happens by applying the concepts.

By trying and failing.

Learning and trying again.

Doing things well rarely happens by chance.

Sometimes learning along with others can be a great way.

Learning from peers, not just teachers.

What are you learning this year?

How are you learning?