The dysfunction of product building


It’s hard to talk about this without sounding judgemental.

Every team building a product has some of this, product managers see this: Dysfunction.

So here are a few verses to deliver an otherwise sharp message, in a softer tone:

Visionary’s Mirage

Leaders envision grand designs,

Yet confusion reigns in shifting lines.

Priorities shuffle, goals obscured,

A puzzle of objectives, shipping deferred.

Scope Creep Symphony?

Requests pour in, a never-ending stream,

Boundaries dissolve, like a fading dream.

The product swells, a scope untamed,

Composing symphony, cacophony unveiled.

Agile Antics

In agile sprints, a circus unfolds,

Chasing the wind, as the story’s told.

Timelines shrink, plans go awry,

Burndown or burnout, teams go crazy.

Post-Launch Tango

Product out in the wild, applause in the air,

Yet post-launch tango brings a different affair.

A dance of updates, bugs and patches anew,

In the tango of post-launch, challenges accrue.

So let’s acknowledge these quirks, not in judgment’s embrace,

But with a knowing smile, as we navigate this space.

In every team’s journey, dysfunction may play its part,

Yet it’s in the attempt at building, PMs must play their part.