The challenges of product management

Have you ever sold something that is yet to be created?

Is that legal, you might ask…

It is.

As long as you deliver…

That is what great product managers and capable founders are able to do.

It is easier said than done.

Making promises you can’t keep is perhaps easy but selling a vision and then delivering is much harder.

It requires a deep understanding of the problem and the tech that could possibly enable the solution.

Even more important is having the resources and the team to build – by far the most important.

Then comes the skill to execute, stretching to deliver, creating things not built before, operating within constraints, dealing with hiccups, problem solving, working with ambiguity, changing trends, navigating market and people dynamics.

Is this a lot, you might wonder…

It is.

And one of the most fun things to do

For those who love challenges and enjoy problem solving.

That is why I enjoy product management.

Do you enjoy creating something new?

If yes, why?

What do you like or dislike about it?