Ten Commandments for Product Building
The ProdZen Insights | Vol. X | Septmeber 2021

As we reach our 10th issue of The ProdZen Insights, this time we thought we’d do something a bit different.

We hope you’ve found our insights useful over nine months, discussing everything from product building and leadership, to go-to-market strategies and scaling.

Despite every business having its own specific dynamics, here are Ten Commandments that you need to adhere to. Though not set in stone (no pun intended), these standouts are the bare minimum of what you need to think about during your product journey.

The 10 commandments
I. Thou shall focus on the problem being solved for the customer and not get enamored with the tech that could solve the problem

II. Thou shall undertake thorough due diligence to assess a clear market need well before attempting to create a product

III. Thou shall realize product building is a long and often difficult task and be prepared to demonstrate patience, hard work and resilience

IV. Thou shall continuously look to improve the product and not be set on an initial idea

V. Thou shall not covet thy competitors’ product features and add in your roadmap without justification

VI. Thou shall leverage people in higher roles (CXOs) and constantly learn from and network with them

VII. Thou shall understand the importance of and incorporate non functional requirements into product building

VIII. Thou shall realize that products must be built with customers in mind and should be designed according to their experiences

IX. Thou shall only provide free proof-of-concepts when there is a specific need and can help move the business forward

X. Thou shall create a team and employees best suited for each specific role

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Happy building and scaling.

Founder, The ProdZen
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