Take pride in your product

The question that often stumps people…

What does it take to build great products?

How come some products are “world class”…

And others are just around – good and making money

But you would not call them leaders in their space.

As a #productmanager, I am tempted to talk of all the science and theory

You need to have customer empathy

You need a great team

You need innovation, tech, resources…..

Yes, that is all true

But it’s not enough

The one thing that separates good from great…

And “also ran” from “world class” is…

Pride in ownership.

This does not apply to only the #leadership or founding team

But as a value permeates every member of the organization

This applies to products and services too.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter whether you are a tech company or a restaurant

A large enterprise or a #startup

You will find examples of these all around you

People who see the product as theirs and are proud to put their name on it

And along with that comes the sense of responsibility

That everything you do is to the best of your ability

And whatever your role – CEO, developer, sales person, customer service or janitor

You are giving it your best

And then, like magic the results come

If you are building something, do you take pride in what you are building?

Have your experienced world class product or service? Do share an example or two…