Startups, you still need a solid strategy!

There, finally someone used the “S*&^%” word for a #startup. Nothing sensational or unsafe -:)

It’s about #strategy.

Many startups and even large companies lack this, or lose it over time.

It’s critical to check every quarter (maybe faster if you are just starting), whether your business goals, product and where resources are being spent aligns.

Are you chasing metrics that still make sense?

Are the metrics or OKRs you are chasing align with what the product, BU, company wants to achieve?

The framework for defining your product strategy is deceptively simple

– Start with business goals

– Identify which of those goals you want to align to

If you are a single product startup, then whatever can be achieved with product must align.

– Pick timelines for what you want to achieve by when

– Define your product goals on that basis

– Every item on the roadmap and eventually backlog must align with product goals – product goals with product vision and business goals

Many a startup and even large companies derail or simply slow down when there is misalignment.