Show me the roadmap!

Are you a product manager?

If yes, you have surely faced this:
Most of your day goes in dealing with the routine – sprints, scrum, backlog, review, customer requests, fires…

And then you are suddenly hit with
“Show me the roadmap”
And usually the people asking are the ones who are key stakeholders
Keeping them happy is important

How do you balance time between routine management and strategic thinking?
Building the vision and dealing with backlog?
Keeping existing customers happy and attracting new customers?
Ensuring timely delivery and getting the CEO excited about what’s next?

This is possibly one of the toughest things for product managers.

Frameworks help, templates help.
Doing this and learning as you do is the most helpful

This was a challenge I faced for many years
Over time I figured out a way to carve my time on a regular basis
From doing the long term planning, spending time analyzing market trends, comp intel and more

Can you relate to this?
How do you deal with it?