Should a #productmanager be techie or business person?

The answer is a bit of both, but more importantly a student.

Willing to keep learning.

Studied engineering in college and exposure to computers was only for building simulations.

– First job: learnt about databases, SQL, Analytics

– Learnt to be a developer and then an engineering manager

– Then took up a role of #pm. Dev background helped establish rapport with dev teams, but everything else had to be learnt.

– User centred design and usability. It was the first step to developing understanding and empathy for the users.

– Basics of accounting and finance. Learnt to read financial statements. It helped me understand how businesses are run.

– Communication and presentations skills. Helped me become more persuasive and motivate the team. Learn and experiment. Still do.

– Legal aspects of licensing and spent weeks reading through licensing agreements and terms and conditions (yes, the ones that usually nobody reads) 😀

– Pricing and packaging
– Marketing
– Selling
– Accesibility
– Industries – retail, financial, CPG, healthcare..

Also, keep improving my understanding of SaaS, cloud, AI..

What #skills did you acquire as a pm?