Pointers for a new PM role

I was not smart enough, or simply too proud to ask this question when I started.

But someone, one of our #productmanagement interns asked this.

What do you do when you take up a new #productmanager role?

It got me thinking…

Here are some pointers:

  1. Keep reading and learning how to apply new concepts

– Best learning happens when you apply, fumble or fail, improve

  1. Go beyond what you are asked to do

– Whether its research, writing requirements/stories or sifting through issues

  1. Work towards knowing more than what others know about the problem and business

– Industry trends, competition, what other teams are saying…

  1. Talk to all teams even if it is not part of your job – sales, support, and customer success. (Dev, QA is a given)

– Very few people do this and you will do your job better if you do this

  1. Ask your manager and others at a senior level when you are struggling – assuming they are willing to coach and support
  2. Seek mentors or people who will guide, outside the company, if possible
  3. Attend courses or workshops that will help you skill up on PM and related skills from time to time

– Don’t always wait for your company to sponsor it