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Kaustubh Patekar

Kaustubh Patekar founded ProdZen in 2016 and has helped several startups and IT services companies scale their product business. He was VP of Product and Design at Manthan where he led the transformation to SaaS and helped accelerate the business. Prior to that, he held leadership roles in product, strategy and engineering management at companies like Oracle and MicroStrategy in the US. He has a US patent for his work on database and subscription technology.

He enjoys working with entrepreneurs and mentors AI startups as part of Nasscom DeepTech Club. He regularly writes about product building, scaling and leadership.

Kaustubh is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied Aerospace Engineering. He enjoys running marathons, reading and spending time with his family.

Manu Gupta
business technology geek

Manu Gupta is a business technology geek with more than 20+ years of experience in Product Development, Analytics, and Program Management. He has built and executed several greenfield technology projects in both the B2B (CX platform, event streaming and LMS) and B2C (e-commerce, communication, media) spaces. He has held several leadership roles in product, strategy and data management with both start-ups and big tech firms like Flipkart, Yahoo, CapGemini, and Geometric.

Manu is an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and IIM Calcutta.

He enjoys building and repairing things, reading, and spending time with his family.

Why ProdZen

We help you navigate the complexities of building products with a systematic and clear approach. We support you to gain clarity within your business by clearing the path to success.

We combine structured methods and market research with coaching and advisory to enable you to achieve greater heights. By streamlining and simplifying processes, we help craft the path to product success.

We have already helped growth stage product startups generate millions of dollars in revenue and have supported early stage product businesses grow from zero to USD 1M+.

Whether you are just getting started or want to grow from a few customers to tens or hundreds, we can help you get there faster.