Oh those chatbots!

“AI is a menace,” she said.

“And a nuisance.”

This was a fellow product manager who stunned me with the statement

I was about to pounce on that statement

Good thing, I didn’t

She started explaining…

“What is the way most people’s life intersects with AI?”

It’s chatbots.

Whether you are dealing with your bank, phone company, insurance company, food delivery, grocery delivery and more…

You end up having to go through a chatbot

While most of these have nice sounding human names the experience certainly lacks the human touch

First, you are forced to share your email and phone number

Sometimes, even if you are already logged in

Then you have to go through IVR (old phone systems with press 1 for Sales) like questions

And even then most of these bots cannot understand or solve your concern

So what’s the point?

Have companies simply changed the nuisance of IVR from phone to chat?

Surely there is more AI and tech can do for people

Until then, that is all most people will experience

Have you come across a chatbot that works?

In India?

If so, please share the info.

Can’t wait to find a bot that works!