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The ProdZen Insights | Vol. XV | February 2022

Leading is hard work. Whether in politics, sport, or businesses, it requires a clear mind, sharp focus, and keeping your cool in the face of constant adversity. Most importantly, it requires you to improve your abilities. Product building is no different and the climb from manager to leader can be steep. 

Being a product leader means managing expectations of your team, keeping them constantly motivated, and ensuring your product is on track. It also means considering financial implications while managing sales, marketing and engineers teams. Here are some handy tips that may help you better support your PMs.

Our Product Leadership Training and Coaching program can guide you along this leadership journey. From product thinking and defining a sound strategy, to product roadmaps and everything in between, we can help you move from standard to super. We can also support you inculcate agile practices and design thinking, build personas and user stories. 

Our training program is customized to suit your specific business needs with 1:1 sessions and guided learning leveraging live use cases and real-world examples. 

Our experts have years of deep domain and industry knowledge and have worked with a diverse set of businesses, from product companies, startups, IT services organizations, to GCCs and IDCs.

Read some of the feedback from participants of a US-based financial services MNC with close to 20K employees and revenue over USD 5 billion.

Product leadership can be hard, grueling and energy-sapping. However, it does not have to be this way. Let’s guide you along a smoother path to scaling, promoting and building great teams!

Get in touch and schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you become a better leader and keep your team on top of their game.

Happy building and scaling.

Founder, The ProdZen

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We strive to understand the challenges faced by product professionals. To get a better idea we have created a short survey. All participants will get a copy of the summary report on PM Trends and Challenges. Go to questions.

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