Jargon, jargon, go away!

As techies, many of us love and hate jargon

If it’s some term that other people are using then you may find it silly

If it’s a term that you are using then it just seems cool

Off course terms come and go

Hype cycles rise and crash

Newly coined terms come into vogue and fade

Anyone remember SMAC? What do you think of “techade”?

The one thing that doesn’t go out of fashion:

Solving real world problems that real people and businesses have

The art and science of solving these problems with products

And building a business out of it is one of the fastest growing opportunities in tech

Product – that thing you build once and sell to many

Where you look for patterns in problems that are out there – problem definition

Find ways to solve some common elements – solution definition

Stay close to your customers and learn what they are looking for -customer research and empathy

And from time to time come up with things that even customers haven’t imagined – innovation

If you don’t get it right, learn from feedback and try again – design and iterate

Solve problems that people are willing to pay for – important

Solve problems that need to be solved now – urgent

Solve problems for many people who will pay a little, OR

Solve problems for few people who will pay a lot – target segment and pricing

Make sure that your way of solving is better than others – competitive differentiation

And to do all this you don’t need a lot of frameworks

But you do need some common sense approaches

You don’t need a lot of terminology and fancy ideas

But you do need some ground work, hard work and imagination