It’s all about the team!

I was and still am (sometimes) guilty of this…

When I come across a business problem or a technology problem.

I get very excited about the problem and tech.

About what can be done to solve it?

What else can I learn?

Which customers, businesses, experts can I speak with?

And this is all good and important,

But, there is something far more important.

It’s building the TEAM to solve the problem

Building the TEAM to create the business.

Educating the TEAM, finding the right people.

Getting them excited about the problem.

(Or finding people who are already…)

All big enough problems are not solved by one person.

However smart and capable he or she maybe.

Many smart people struggle to work with others.

I know I did (luckily I was able to change or rather evolve…)

Building a team is a skill, an art and an ever changing and evolving process.

It takes time, energy and disappointments too.

There is no single formula for it.

Every time you build a team, you have to change.

You have to learn, you have to listen.

And most importantly, you have to connect with people.

You have to be willing to ask for help.

Acknowledge your limits and find people who will help you go beyond…