IT Services Cos: Let's help you Accelerate with IP!

With so many players in a crowded market, IT services companies can find it tough to crack. By constantly ensuring up-to-date offerings, assessing price points and overcoming customer fickleness, the road can be rough.

For many IT services companies the shift to product building or IP creation can be a competitive advantage. This is already the case with players like TCS and Wipro who have leveraged their intangible assets in the form of Intellectual Property (IP). This IP can take the shape of platforms and products and may be customized to suit specific client needs.

This is a great way to generate new revenue streams, diversify your offerings and provide greater value.

However, not all services companies may be ready to take this on or have the right tools, solutions or teams to do so.

So how do you know if you’re ready to make the leap from services to products?

The ProdZen has advised numerous IT services companies along this very route. We understand your current situation and provide honest and transparent analysis to determine the best way forward. And we don’t just give you advice and let you go; we follow-up, keep constant progress checks and ensure you’re on the right track to Accelerate with IP!

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Founder, The ProdZen