Going from “hustle” to “structured growth”

Change is hard.

Changing your mindset is harder.

This is likely one of the hardest things to do for the founders of startups.

Your eventual scale and success may depend on this.

It’s going from “hustle” to “structured growth” mode.

When you are a startup you’ll do whatever it takes to get the product built.

You might end up coding, building the website yourself and doing all the sales and support yourself or with the help of a very small team.

There isn’t much structure, much process, much of anything, except for the need to establish a foothold and prove that you are building something of value for someone.

This is “hustle” mode.

If you are serving b2b customers this may get you the first 5, 10 even 20 customers.

And now you want to get to 100 even 500.

Not only do you have to evolve your mindset, but you have to actually start building systems for building product, system for generating leads, system for selling and servicing.

It’s not enough to just build systems you also need to start training/coaching your team or bringing in new people – the ones how understand the value of building a system and have also actually experienced or built some.

This is “structured growth” mode.