Get your priorities right

I remember the time I started as a product manager

I was overwhelmed.

Before that I was an engineering manager and before that a developer. That was simpler, if not easier. Mostly I was told what to do. Usually had a clear definition of what I wanted my team to deliver. I had to figure out how to do it efficiently.

As a product manager, if I wanted to see my product successful, there was a lot to do:

– Guide development: requirements, stories, review spec, test suites, progress, daily meetings

– Understand what’s happening in the field: support issues, consulting challenges, enable sales, keep everyone apprised of new releases..

– Keep an eye on customer needs – problems, what more, make product more useful/valuable

– Manage expectations of upper management

– Work with marketing, PR, legal

Building products in startups and dynamic industries gets crazier.

Over 20 years of building products and helping others, I realize that prioritizing your time and energy spend is as important as prioritizing product scope.

How do you prioritize?