Founders and startup leaders. The first batch is focused on B2B products, but if you are working on a B2C idea, stay tuned for more.
Yes. We have worked with startups in India, US, UAE, UK and more in the past. As long as you have broadband connection and a camera, we can work with you.

Your startup must be at MVP (or further) stage, ideally with a few customers already on-board and an annual revenue of between $10k– $100k.
If you’re an Idea stage entrepreneur or your revenues are less than $10K, please reach out to us directly. We will be announcing a program for you shortly.
If your revenues are greater than $100K, dedicated coaching and training may be better suited for you. However, if you would still like to apply, please request an application and send us a note at [email protected].

Once you have ensured your startup fits our selection criteria, please fill in the form to express your interest. You will then be sent a document to provide specific details of your company. Next steps will follow during our communication.

Training, exercises, feedback sessions will span multiple topics to help you tune you product, targeting and business. Some of the topics covered will be:

  • Business Canvas and business model building
  • Design thinking for product building
  • Estimating market size and picking the right target market
  • Identifying the right customers an
  • GTM Strategy
  • Selling to businesses

More details will be shared with program participants.

  • Clarity on problem being solved and business model
  • Definition of user personas and framework for defining use cases
  • Framework for prioritizing product strategy and roadmap
  • Well defined target segment and a working GTM plan
  • Tools for building quick validation experiments
  • Well defined value proposition, messaging options and positioning ideas
  • Access to course materials, templates and feedback
Sessions will be in the form of video conferences, exercises, and reviews session with feedback. There will also be 1-1 coaching and specific problem solving and feedback sessions. The split between group and individual sessions will be 50:50 to ensure you gain information specific to your business. Our focus will be on helping you succeed and we will not only share the know-how and tools, but help you apply them for your product and business.
Accelerators are the right solution for some startups, but often lack the expert resources for personalized attention. If you are part of an accelerator you can still apply as we don’t require any long term commitments. No equity sharing, no revenue sharing.
The ProdZen was founded in 2016 by Kaustubh Patekar, who has held numerous global leadership roles in product management, strategy, and development and is a product evangelist and mentor to many AI startups. He will lead the sessions and will be supported by various industry experts for specific parts of the program. Further details will be shared with program participants.
We will charge a simple fee-based cost with those who apply. No complexity, no long term commitment. If you love it, feel free to come back for more.

The selection process will take 1-2 weeks. We suggest you request an application and fill and submit it at the earliest. We will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to evaluate fit and then convey our decision to you.

You will receive community support and invitations to expert sessions for program members and alumni. More details about this coming soon. Periodic bonus sessions on content marketing, branding, communications and more will be offered as well.
6-8 hours a week to attend training sessions, work on exercises, and review feedback. Also, do plan additional time for 1-1 coaching sessions.

Most of your questions should be answered when you get the application and program overview. If something remains unanswered, please reach out to us via mail.

Looking to create a spark for your business?

Please fill in your details and we will send you the program information