Eliminating blind spots for entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine having a seasoned traveller by your side, someone who’s seen the terrain. Advisors bring knowledge – whether through consulting or guidance – offering direction and wisdom to navigate the unpredictable.

Look at the Indian startup Zomato, for instance. As they expanded rapidly, they faced intricate challenges. Deepinder Goyal, Zomato’s #founder, sought guidance from Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of Naukri Bikhchandani’s experience in scaling a tech venture was invaluable in helping Zomato thrive in a competitive market.

Illuminating Blind Spots

Blind spots are inevitable, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs. These gaps hinder progress, and that’s where advisors shine. They uncover hidden pitfalls, guiding you towards a clearer path. Their outside perspective reveals what you might miss, propelling you forward with newfound clarity.

Consider the journey of Ola, India’s ride-hailing giant. As Ola ventured into electric vehicles, they faced unique challenges. Ankit Bhati, Ola’s co-founder, turned to N. R. Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys, for counsel. Murthy’s expertise in technology and business strategy proved instrumental in Ola’s electric mobility ambitions.

Expanding Horizons

Your vision, while powerful, might have limitations. Advisors broaden that view. They challenge assumptions, encouraging you to embrace fresh angles. This expanded outlook aids in making informed decisions, ensuring you’re well-prepared to tackle challenges head-on.

Take the story of Flipkart, India’s e-commerce trailblazer. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, the co-founders, faced intense competition. They sought guidance from Ratan Tata, a revered figure in Indian business. Tata’s strategic insights helped Flipkart navigate the e-commerce landscape, ultimately leading to its acquisition by Walmart.

Beyond Business: Your Advisor’s Support

Entrepreneurship takes a toll on both mind and heart. Advisors offer more than business guidance – they provide emotional support. Their wisdom helps you manage stress, fostering resilience and balance. A strong foundation helps you lead effectively and make sound decisions.

Take the journey of Freshworks, an Indian SaaS company. As Freshworks aimed for global impact, Girish Mathrubootham, the CEO, benefited from the advice of Mohandas Pai. Pai’s mentorship extended beyond business strategy, encompassing personal growth and leadership development.

Every entrepreneur faces blind spots.

Advisors are the light that reveals them.

They provide knowledge, adaptability, and emotional support. By working together, entrepreneurs can navigate challenges and illuminate a path towards sustainable growth.

Here is to eliminating blind spots and accelerating growth.

Keep growing!