Did you know that India’s largest IT services provider makes over USD1 bn from an offering that’s not pure play?

There’s also another large, publicly listed IT services company that has attributed its recent stellar growth to not just services revenue but something else.

That something else is IP enabled solutions.

So what is an IP enabled solution?

The service offering is enriched by including a pre-built capability. These IP based solutions can take the form of templates, accelerators, platforms and, in some cases, full-fledged products.

These solutions go beyond just expertise and background and add value to what is already built and offered.

This is a win-win for IT services providers and their customers.

Customers get faster time to value while providers gain the competitive edge.

Winning new logos is often the most common benefit.

The advantages do not stop here.

The ProdZen has had the opportunity to work with such providers and help them build these solutions.

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